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She rises in the evening sky like a beautiful green gem glowing in the early twilight. Watching over the earth, she bathes it in verdant light at the end of each day. She lies closer to our world than her barren twin, Luna, who shines brighter when the twilight turns to night. She is Verda, the green-tinged moon that orbits the earth. Also known as "Earth’s Sister," the small moon has long been an object of human obsession. For millennia, people have gazed up at her and wondered what secrets she has hidden in her veiled green atmosphere. It was not until the late twentieth century at the dawn of the Space Age, however, that many of her secrets were revealed.

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Verda: The Green Moon

verdaImagine a world where a green moon capable of sustaining life orbits the earth. The verdant orb lies close enough to the earth to intrigue humankind but too far away to reach — until the dawn of space exploration makes space travel possible and unleashes a race to explore this new world known as “Verda.”

What awaits discovery on a moon long coveted by humans but unattainable…until now?

Discover “Verda,” the story of this moon. It is one of 15 stories in Real Dreams: Thirty Years of Short Stories, a collection of short stories written over three decades with themes ranging from adventure, fantasy, mystery, spirituality, mythology, to love and war.

Real Dreams: Thirty Years of Short Stories is available to purchase in print and e-book from, Barnes and Noble, iTunes, and Smashwords. Also available at The Wordshop.

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Real Dreams Now Available in Print

Real Dreams Front CoverA French prisoner struggles to survive in a Nazi concentration camp during World War II.

A delinquent youth is obsessed with a cemetery ghost.

Good and evil fight for the soul of a zombie.

A grandmother thought to suffer from mental illness predicts the future.

A mysterious maintenance man haunts a college dormitory.

Car trouble leads to an encounter with an angel.

The Greek god of the unknown fights his nemesis, the god of light.

A chief must calm a volcano before it destroys his village.

A human tries to dissuade elves and dwarves from going to war.

A bride confronts deception in an effort to reunite with her bridegroom.

A child dreams of an alien invasion.

Humanity races to colonize a second moon orbiting the earth.

A boy encounters superhuman army ants that escape from a military laboratory and move into his closet.

A foreign exchange student learns baseball and tries out for a championship team.

These stories and more are featured in Real Dreams: Thirty Years of Short Stories, a collection of 15 short stories written between 1981 and 2011. The stories are from multiple genres with some common themes, including hope, dreams, light, darkness, perseverance, and spirituality, wrapped up in some novel ideas.

Enjoy these diverse and timeless works three decades in the making.

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