Bangkok Flooding: Video Near Grand Palace and Sanam Luang

These video clips were shot while driving on Ratchadamnoen Nai, the main road in the center of Bangkok that passes the Grand Palace and Sanam Luang (park). Based on earlier television coverage, the floodwater seemed to be as high as it’s been for the past few days. That’s a good indication that it won’t get worse.

Ratchadamnoen Nai, Bangkok, Thailand. October 30, 2011.
Ratchadamnoen Nai, Bangkok, Thailand. October 30, 2011.


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Bangkok Flooding: Video Near Grand Palace

This is video footage taken October 30, 2011, across the street from the Grand Palace in Bangkok, Thailand. Water is seeping through sand bags on the Chao Phraya River and from pipes and drains. This seems to be one of the major feeders of water to the area just south of the palace.

The palace’s perimeter is sandbagged and was still open for business on the morning of October 30. Local continue to do as much business as they can even with the flood. Most don’t seem to mind standing in or working in the floodwater.

Thanon Maha Rat (street) next to Grand Palace. October 30, 2011.


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Bangkok Flooding: Video of Chana Songkhram (Bangkok Waterfront)

This morning I took photos and videos of the flooding in downtown Bangkok. It’s the morning after the Gulf of Thailand started pushing water up the Chao Phraya River.

Most of downtown is dry except for some heavy flooding in some areas near the river. I visited some neighborhoods hit hard by flooding, including Chana Songkhram (the waterfront), Chinatown, and the area near the Grand Palace and Sanamluang (park). I will post more photos and video soon.  Check back frequently for updates.

The news is generally good today with the water level topping out and the barriers and dykes holding up overnight. I hear that water will continue to be at its zenith through tomorrow and then start to recede. If we make it to Tuesday in good shape, we should be fine thereafter — assuming that the situation doesn’t worsen. We shall see.

Here is some video footage from a street in Chana Songkhram. Other streets were blocked off because the flooding was worse there. One street over, it was dry.

Chana Songkhram, Bangkok, Thailand. October 30, 2011.


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