Evil | Live

The deserted highway cut through the sagebrush past the only gas station in a hundred miles.

Evil I Live (4)

Wayward passersby with car trouble who stopped for fuel, a jump-start, or a tow. Unlucky souls with dead vehicles and no cell phone reception who thought they could shave extra time off their trips by taking this shortcut.

A place of missing persons who vanished without a trace.

Until the day it came for them.

“Evil | Live” is one of 15 stories in “Real Dreams,” a collection of short stories written over three decades with themes ranging from adventure, fantasy, mystery, spirituality, mythology, to love and war.

Real Dreams” will be available to purchase on November 15, 2011. For more books and stories by M.G. Edwards, visit www.mgedwards.com.

Bangkok Flooding: Other News Sources

IMG_0831I’m honored that this blog has proven popular in the past week with over 3,000 visits by people searching for news about the flooding of Bangkok. I’ve continued to cover the issue because I know updates are important to those living in and around Bangkok.

Today or tomorrow – after we evacuate yet again — I will drive around for more photos and try to post new updates. In reality, we’re all tired of the flooding and would rather that our lives get back to normal.

Below are links to some local websites that I’ve been monitoring for news about the flooding. The Bangkok Post has been particularly helpful. Some are more technical and offer deeper analyses of the flood’s movements. Many of the sites are in Thai, but you get the picture.

Bangkok Post

The Nation

Thai Flood Monitoring System


Flood Operations Center

Google Toolbar has a nifty feature that will automatically translate web pages into your preferred language. It’s not 100% accurate but does the job.