Saved by Hope

lindredHave you ever met someone that you were certain was an angel? I did. During the summer of 1988 while on a road trip, I met an angel who saved me from a precarious situation. My angel did not have a halo or lyre, but she came to my rescue as if she had wings. Long before angels captivated Hollywood, one touched my life. I believe God sent her to help me.

“Saved by Hope” is a short story about my encounter with an angel. It is one of 15 stories in “Real Dreams,” a collection of short stories I wrote over the past three decades with themes ranging from adventure, fantasy, mystery, spirituality, mythology, to love and war. They offer a taste of my dynamic writing style and something for almost everyone.

Real Dreams” will be available to purchase in several media formats in November 2011. For more books and stories by M.G. Edwards, visit