Hooker Hill Redux

I find it fascinating (but not surprising) that a blog entry I wrote about “Hooker Hill” in Itaewon, Seoul, Korea in 2005 continues to generate more hits than any other entry I’ve written since I started blogging in 2004.  The entry consistently ranks first, second or third almost every day in the number of hits it gets.  Today, for example, it’s ranked second after my home page, even more than any of the recent posts I’ve published on my  Kilimanjaro climb.  Amazing staying power some blog entries have!  Some of the honorable mentions are posts about eating puffer fish in Busan, Korea; whether John Lennon inspired Harry Potter’s facial features; Thai cuisine in Buenos Aires; and things to do when visiting Paraguay.  Talk about staying power.  Who would have thought that a post about “Hooker Hill” would be absolutely timeless.

The “Hooker Hill” episode is actually quite innocuous.  The blog entry chronicles my adventure visiting a back alley in Itaewon called “Hooker Hill” on official business (yes, seriously).  It was an intriguing experience trudging uphill in a business suit before dusk in one of Seoul’s notorious “red light districts” looking to help someone in need.  Whether readers who search for information on “Hooker Hill” and land on my blog entry are looking for exciting places to tour while visiting Seoul or are seeking something to satisfy their libido is unknown, although I suspect that most visitors are looking for the latter.  The unwitting message I hope I conveyed is that Itaewon is not without its risks and that anyone who does visit keep in mind their safety first (physically, financially and sexually).  While not a dangerous place, who knows what might happen if you go to “Hooker Hill” for more than a casual look.

This blog entry is a check to see how popular this tantalizingly named post will be and whether it will rival the original.  I expect it will also rank high in online searches.

n.B.  Since I posted this blog entry 24 hours ago traffic to my blog increased over 300%.  Most of the 150 odd hits came from this post and the original.  Scintillating definitely sells.