What People are Reading

I browsed my blog statistics and history to see what people have been reading on World Adventurers.  The blog has had over 295,000 hits since its inception in December 2004.  Although readership declined precipitously over the past couple of years after I neglected to update it frequently, the blog still received about 100 hits per week.  Most were archive searches on entries posted about Korea.  Readership has climbed a bit since I started posting again.

I blogged very little while I was in Paraguay; I’m back to blogging in Zambia but am not focusing much (yet) on topics related to Zambia or Africa.  Blogging here can be a hazardous endeavor.  A couple foreigners living in Zambia were scrutinized this year for what some of their postings.  It’s a shame but the reality here.  I will post some thoughts and insights on Zambia and Africa soon…after I determine what I can blog about without raising the ire of the Luddites.


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