Biking to Build Schools

I haven’t been blogging as much because I’ve been busy lately.  We just got back from a nice weekend retreat at a colleague’s ranch (estancia) in rural Paraguay about 1.5 hours east of Asuncion.  We had a wonderful weekend.  It is a nice respite from the hectic time we’ve been having in Asuncion and at work.  I am working on posting some photos from the trip and will write about the it later.  Today I wanted to highlight the efforts of some Peace Corps volunteers to support school building in Paraguay.  Through their "Biking to Build Schools" initiative, they hope to raise $35,000 to help a local NGO, the Center for Campesino Education Training and Technology (CECTEC), build schools in rural Paraguay.  In 2009, the volunteers plan to ride 6,000 miles in South America from Ushaia, Argentina at the southernmost point of South America to Asuncion to raise money via donor pledges.  I think it’s a noble endeavor.  Please consider donating to their cause via their web site,

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