Hogar Unidos por Cristo

My wife and I went to a charity benefit dinner at Club Centenario on behalf of the Hogar Unidos por Cristo ("United for Christ Home") a children’s home in nearby San Lorenzo.  I posted some photos from the event.  Over 190 children live at the home founded six years ago by Patricia Bozzano, a devout Catholic.  What started as a small sanctuary for abandoned children grew and grew, and now the home is seeking donations to build a school. Patricia lined up an impressive group of sponsors, including Club Centenario, Asuncion’s most exclusive club, which donated space to host the event.  The event was excellent.  Some of the children performed two songs, and we were treated to a buffet dinner.  We had never visited Club Centenario and were glad to have had a chance to attend an event at the club.

One thought on “Hogar Unidos por Cristo

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