So many choices

Have you ever had a long day where you were faced with a myriad of choices but could only choose one or two of them?  What would you choose to do?  If you were tired, would you go to sleep if you knew you had work to do?  Would you do the work or skip it and do it later?  If you had many tasks to do, which one(s) would you choose to do? 
I faced that choice tonight, as I often do.  I felt tired after another long day at the office and wanted to go to sleep early tonight.  It’s only Monday, and I have a long week ahead of me.  But I knew I needed to pay some bills tonight and research my next assignment.  So I pushed aside the drowsiness and went to work, spending another three hours in front of the computer.  My body would have preferred to rest, but here I am.  I finished the work I needed to do tonight and sneaked in a little personal time here blogging my thoughts for the day.  It may not be sleep, but at least it’s not work.

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