Five generations

Tonight I’m posting a photo of five generations of my family.  The photo is a collage that includes my son, me, my father, grandfather, and great-grandfather.  Five generations of boys.  My grandmother passed away last year, and my aunt sent me an assortment of her photos, including of my great-grandfather I had never seen.  (His name was "Greenup," which is fitting for a man who was a farmer his entire life.)  I located and shrunk some of our best photos and strung them together.  Do you see any similarities between us?  I made the collage for my son, who will not remember his grandfather.  He passed away in 2006 when my son was very young, just as my grandfather died when I was very young.  This is a collage to hand down to posterity.  I’m not a big genealogy geek, but I do enjoy preserving history.
 Five generations
Over the next few weeks — assuming I find opportunities to update this blog — I’ll post some photos of our time in Paraguay.  I am way behind on my posting.
Blog Note:  We finally settled on a birthday place for my son.  We found a place much cheaper than the other options.  Cheap wasn’t the only factor — it offers pretty much the same amenities as the expensive places without the high cost.  We’ll probably do a small birthday barbeque for him in addition to the birthday party.  I’m glad the option we chose is affordable and minimal work.

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