Tragedy in Sao Paulo

Two weeks ago today, we arrived in Asuncion, Paraguay via a TAM Mercosur airliner inbound from Sao Paulo, Brazil.  So when news of today’s airline disaster in Sao Paulo reached my ears, I was taken aback.  Authorities still don’t know how many people were killed or injured when the Airbus 320 inbound from Porto Alegre, Brazil carrying 140-170 people skidded off the runway at Conganhas domestic airport and crashed into a gas station, incinerating the plane.  The runway was wet, and the news is reporting that the runway was in need of repair and situated in an urban area of the city giving airplanes little room to manuever.  Although we flew out of Sao Paulo to Asuncion, Paraguay through Guarulh International Airport, we also arrived and departed under adverse weather conditions.  Our inbound flight was delayed by an hour due to fog, and we waited two hours on the tarmac to depart in our TAM Airbus 320.  These tragedies always remind me that it could have been us and makes me thankful that we lived another day to appreciate life and all it has to offer.
Blog notes:  Our home Internet connection went down on Saturday and came back last night.  We hear that that is quite common here, especially after the ferocious lightning storms that frequently bombard Asuncion.  Connections sometimes remain unavailable for several days.  Oh well, ese es la vida. 
Thanks, Windows Live Spaces!  I think this is the fifth time that MSN/Windows Live has featured this blog on its "What’s Your Story?" page.  As always, I’m honored that World Adventurers gets so much positive coverage on Windows Live.  I just wish I could find a way to update this spaces more frequently.  It isn’t as easy to do in South America as it was in Korea and the United States.  Note to the Windows Live Spaces editors–we’ve left Korea and am now in Paraguay.  We’ll be here for two years.  I plan to focus increasingly on South America, particularly Paraguay.  Thanks, again!

2 thoughts on “Tragedy in Sao Paulo

  1. Michael says:

    I love Paraguay. You\’re so lucky. And you\’ve got an awesome blog. You deserve to be on "What\’s your Story".

  2. Directory says:

    Thanks for sharing this with us! 
    This Blog Rock\’s!                                                                                                                                       :-

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