Wanna buy a former embassy?

Special thanks to a Dear Reader for pointing out an interesting column in Wednesday’s Washington Post advertising great bargains on former or soon-to-be-former U.S. Embassy buildings, including chanceries and diplomatic residences.  On the heels of my blog entry about the Paraguayan cattle ranch for sale, these real estate opportunities seem even better; well, more historically significant, at any rate.  Who wouldn’t want to own the Ottawa, Canada residence featured in the Paul Newman/Joanne Woodward classic, "Mr. and Mrs. Bridge"?  It could be yours for just U.S.$2.25 million. 
I searched the Web and found photos of these properties.  Which one(s) would you like to buy? 
Granted, the London property is gorgeous, but $180 million is a lot of money.  The other properties have a distinctly U.S. government ambience.  With a little paint and some nice curtains, you could enhance their inner beauty.  Me, I’m partial to the soon-to-be-former chancery in Kathmandu, Nepal.  At just $6 million, it’s a steal!
If you like living among embassies but don’t want to leave the country, then why not try to find a place on Embassy Row in Washington, D.C.?  They’re not quite a steal, but it’s pretty cool living where the diplomats hang out.

One thought on “Wanna buy a former embassy?

  1. Terry says:

    Now wait a minute. Define \’distinctly US Government ambience". Does this means it come with Condi Rice portraits in the foyer, a garbage disposal, built in free trade agreements or what? Or the Datona pool boy?

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