Goodbye and thanks for visiting

I don’t have any time to blog, so I’ve decided to quit.  Goodbye and thanks for visiting World Adventurers.

One thought on “Goodbye and thanks for visiting

  1. Wade says:

    Somehow I find this hard to believe, and with it being April Fools Day, even harder, because if you were "quiting" it is not your personality to write something this short and you would have a tendency to write a longer "goodbye"
    If this is true, I will reading what you write.  I can understand the not having time to write, as I too have been finding it hard to find time to write, and find it hard to find subjects to write about, and the amount I have been writing has dropped compared to where I was last year.
    If you are quiting hope you still have time to find time do read other\’s blogs, and leave the occaisonal comment 😉
    -Wade H.

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