2006 Miss Korea Pageant

My wife and I were fortunate to be given tickets to last week’s Miss Korea pageant by Fashion Designer Andre Kim.  Miss Seoul Honey (Ha-Nui) Lee won the pageant and was crowned Korea’s most beautiful woman.  She beat out Miss Incheon Sharon Park for top honors, leading some to wonder whether her status as Miss Seoul helped her win favor.  After all, Seoul is Korea’s largest city and host to the annual pageant.  The entire crowd erupted each time Miss Seoul was in the spotlight, indicating an obvious bias in the auditorium.  An unscientific poll of our group determined that Ms. Lee may not have performed as well as other contestants, including Miss Incheon.  While all 61 ladies performed admirably, some contestants were absolutely stellar.  Miss Seoul did well, but not as well as one would expect for a Miss Korea.  For example, during the question and answer session given to the semi-finalists and finalists, she choked up a couple times and could not answer one question at the end of the pageant.  She may have won the Miss Korea pageant, but I question how she will perform when she enters the Miss World pageant.  I hope she does well.
For the shutterbugs:  I posted a new photo album with photos of the pageant.  Enjoy!

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