Photos from Yongpyong & Odaesan

Dear Reader, I added two new photo albums for your viewing pleasure.  Enjoy!
Thankfully, we decided not to stay in Amyeung-do on Korea’s western coast this weekend.  The monsoon storms are in full force, and the rain has been especially heavy today throughout Korea.  Lightning and thunder are omnipresent right now.  Sometimes staying home is the right choice.

All quiet on the southern front

Mass transit bombings in Mumbai, India.  Fighting in Israel, Gaza, and Lebanon.  Iran and possibly North Korea referred to the United Nations for possible sanctions.  A disputed presidential election in Mexico.  I feel safe here in the shadow of the world’s largest front line.  Taking your family for French toast sticks and playing on the playroom at Burger King this morning felt just a bit surreal.  I think I’ll go watch "Superman Returns" and see truth, justice, and the good guy prevail over the villian.  Thank you, Hollywood, for taking my mind off reality for a couple of hours.