North Korea photos

Dear Reader, below are links to a treasure trove of photos of North Korea.  These are the best batch of photos capturing life in the North that I have ever seen.  These photos were taken by a Russian visitor who visited the country in 2006.  The photos speak for themselves.  Click on the links below to view the various photo pages.  Page 1 also has links to all these photo pages.
Note to TortmasterI grew up in the Pacific Northwest, where we don’t have lightning bugs.  Man, talk about cultural insensitivity!  Remind me to take you to the Cascades some time for some snipe hunting.   As for sucking up–when your poor boss asks for your help moving a child’s swing set in the morning, and he laments that his wife is going to a wedding that evening and will be alone with his young child, and you know that the guest of honor has two young children about your boss’ child’s age, and you know that your boss shares a tangentially-related sense of humor with your guest of honor, you come to the logical conclusion that maybe it’s a good idea to invite him to a preplanned BBQ.  Sucking up, yeah, I know.  It’s absolutely shameless inviting your boss over for dinner–and your office too.

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