I wonder…

I read today that MSN voluntarily shut down a Chinese blog site after the Chinese authorities demanded that it be shut down.  MSN, a division of Microsoft, did it because that’s what tech companies have to do to do business in China.  Microsoft isn’t alone.  Google, Yahoo!, and other foreign tech companies must paid heed to Chinese Internet censors.  So, I wonder…
What would happen if I wrote just two little words?
Would my blog be shut down too?
Would I be censored too?
Would the Chinese let it slide?
Would MSN let it slide?
Would more Internet censors visit my site?
Would I get more hits?
Would it be OK if I wrote the words in English, not Chinese?
Will someone ask me to remove this entry?
So, I wonder…
Should I write those two little words?
Do I dare?
Oh, what the heck.
Falun Gong.