New photos added

Dear Reader, I added six new photos albums with photos taken during our recent vacation in the United States.  Enjoy!  All photos were taken in Western Montana, North Idaho, and Eastern Washington.  If a picture is worth about 1,000 words, then I just condensed a 65,000 word blog entry into some very nice photos.  One of these days I’ll actually write something worthwhile about our trip.  Until then, enjoy a glimpse of what I consider one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Featured blog: Angel’s Line

This month’s featured blog is Angel’s Line.  The blog’s author, Angeline Tay, is one of the nicest people I’ve never met.  Although I haven’t met her in person, I know a lot about her through her writing, and she knows about me by reading this blog.  She has a heart as big as this world and is one of the most positive people I know.  Her blog, Angel’s Line, is inspirational and leaves one pondering the spiritual side of life.  From time to time I stop on by to read her posts, messages, thoughts, musings, stories, and her testimony.  In many ways Angeline is like a little angel sitting on my shoulder, whispering insights with a soft tap, tap, tap of her keyboard.  She has faithfully read World Adventurers for over a year, which she lets me know from time to time when she posts a comment.
Angeline lives in Singapore with her husband and children.  I hope that one day I will have a chance to meet her and her family and introduce them to mine.  I don’t know whether the opportunity will present itself anytime soon.  Once we leave Korea in 2007, we may not be back in Asia until after we leave Paraguay in 2009.  If we do make it to Singapore, we definitely plan to meet her.  One of the joys of blogging is meeting new friends from around the world.  I’m not sure our paths would have crossed were it not for MSN Spaces.   
Yesterday Angeline asked me what I thought of "The Da Vinci Code."  I read the book and plan to see the movie.  I also read a couple of books refuting the central theme of Dan Brown’s bestseller, that Jesus married Mary Magdalene and fathered a child who became the bloodline of French royalty.  I’ll watch the movie and write my thoughts next week.
Blog Note:  Barry Bonds hit his 715th home run on Sunday, passing Babe Ruth on Major League Baseball’s all-time list.  There’s a Korean angle to this story–Korean Colorado Rockies Pitcher Byung-Hyun Kim.  Will Koreans be proud that one of their own gave up the home run to Bonds?

Getting tanked

Five minutes.  Just five short minutes.  That’s all the time I needed to finish preparing our new fish tank.  We inherited a fish tank from a neighbor, and I set it up tonight so we could fill it with goldfish for our son.  Five minutes.  I did all the assembly myself, quickly realizing just how much work it is to have a 10-gallon fish tank.  Read instruction manual.  Washed gravel.  Treated water.  Tested filtration system.  Positioned plants.  Situated fish tank on a desk in our living room.  Put treated water in tank and started filtering.  I was five minutes away from finishing the job.  The tank looked a little crooked and I gently tried to straighten it–yes, gently.  I tried to lift it slightly from the bottom of the tank.  All of a sudden, the fish tank glass cracked. 
Great, just great.  Now I need a new fish tank, something I never would have bought in the first place if I hadn’t inherited a free fish tank.   So I put temporary duct tape on the tank to slow the leaking.  I emptied the water and gravel and put the gravel in a bucket.  I mopped up floor.  Now I have to go to the store tomorrow and buy a new tank.  All this because my wife thought it was a great deal getting a free fish tank.  As they say, nothing in life is free.  Nothing.  Everything has a cost or a hidden future cost.  Still, it’s worth the money to buy a new tank for my son so he can enjoy goldfish.  Despite that, it’s a lot more work than I ever expected.  It was my wife’s idea to bring this thing into our home.  I told her up front that after I put it together she would have to do the maintenance, and she agreed.  The jury is still out on whether she’ll hold up her end of the bargain or whether I’ll have to step in or whether some goldfish will suffer untimely deaths.  Perhaps I’m too pessimistic, but I’m positive that once this fish tank is working, some future crisis is going to happen in our living room with those fish.  It’s bound to happen.  I’m going to name one of those goldfish Murphy.
This is the second broken glass incident this week.  On Tuesday I discovered that the rear driver’s side window of our car was broken by a sharp object.  The impact shattered the window and left a gaping hole.  We don’t know when or how it happened, but we think it happened while we were away on vacation, perhaps a reckless kid or a rock kicked up by a car tire while driving through the neighborhood.  We’ll have to pay a $250 insurance deductible out of pocket, and the insurance company will cover the rest.  Initially we heard that it would take about three months to get a replacement window from the states, but I found a place that could ship it within two weeks.  I bought the part today and taped the window up with strong tape.  It’s such a shame.
Let’s hope these are the last glass breakages we’ll have for awhile.