Jeans nation

As I walk around Shanghai, I am struck by the number of people wearing blue jeans.  In Seoul, I don’t see many Koreans wearing blue jeans.  Korean men tend to wear slacks or suits, while women tend to wear dresses or slacks.  I wonder–is jeans-wearing a natural progression from Mao suits to dresses and suits, or are Mainland Chinese developing their own fashion standards?  Will Chinese men shed the pants for suits, and will the women eventually move from jeans to dresses?  It remains to be seen.

One thought on “Jeans nation

  1. katy says:

    take me with you!!!!
    HAPPY EARTH DAY           ~*~
    Please comeby my blog, amd take a look around?  i love this song i wish i had it for my media player it is beautiful….
                           Cya SQQN,

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