What’s up, Microsoft?

Dear Microsoft:
Why are you pushing back the release date of the consumer version of Windows Vista, the new Windows operating system?  Just yesterday you were going to ship in 2006, in time for the Christmas holidays.  It’s only been like…years…since you released Windows XP.  Did you take on more than you could handle?  I never thought a company with about 50,000 employees generating over $1 billion in cash each month could bite off more than it could chew, but apparently you did, Microsoft, when you overpromised on the release date to manufacturers. Your decision will impact hundreds of manufacturers and retailers who were counting on selling Vista as a Christmas goodie.  Who wants a late Christmas present delivered in January?  At least you’re still going to release the corporate version before the end of the year.  Is it really going to be worth the wait?  I’m perfectly happy using Windows XP, and I’m not sure I’m ready to pony up money to upgrade.  I’m not alone.
Well, there’s always Windows Live.  Maybe the next Windows version released in about 2015 will be completely online.