Whole Lifestyle Model revisited

Last August I wrote about the Whole Lifestyle Model, a way to balance key aspects of one’s life to make it a better experience.  I’ve been meaning to develop a matrix for this model, but alas my time has pretty much been dominated by a few time-consuming aspects of life.  I attached a sample of the draft model I developed showing nine different aspects of life.  The categories may change.  The basic premise of the model is that it is preferrable to balance the different aspects than to focus too much on just a few of them.  When too much focus is placed on the few, the others aspects suffer, leaving one feeling in a state of disequilibrium. 
I placed Faith & Spiritual Growth at the center of my model, but I think all aspects of life are important.  The model is not intended as a way to dictate how to manage one’s life; rather, it is a model for how to devote a most precious commodity–time–to all aspects of life so that life is balanced and fulfilling.  For example, my focus on investing is a part of Financial Security and Hobbies & Exploration.  However, I don’t want to let investing get in the way of exercising, which is necessary for Physical Health & Wellness.  Unfortunately, I still don’t exercise as much as I do, and I probably too much attention to investing.  I need to remedy that.
Dear Reader, please share your thoughts on this model.  What do you think of it?  Is it a good idea?  Did I miss any important aspects of life that should be added to this model?
Blog Note:  I’m reminded something I’ve been meaning to ask you, Dear Reader.  I’ve noticed that although many people visit World Adventurers, few people leave comments.  Why is this?  I love comments and feedback.  You’re always welcome to post a comment or two.