One down, one to go

One year ago today, we arrived in Korea.  One year from now, we’ll be on our way to an unknown destination.  Our time in Seoul has passed by much too fast.  I remember the day we arrived at Incheon International Airport.  We were all feeling under the weather after our trip to Hawai’i (our illnesses made us feel as if we going through hell in paradise).  To make matters worse, my son had an eye infection.  Our sponsor picked us up and immediately drove us to the nurse, who treated our son’s eye.  It healed within a few days.  We all experienced jetlag for about a week after we arrived.  We arrived on a Thursday evening and spent a quiet first weekend in Seoul.  After that, it’s never been the same.  The past two weeks have been filled with so many distractions that it makes me nostalgic for some peace and quiet.  This blog is one of the few refuges I have to get away from it all.  Perhaps our next destination will be slower paced than life is here in Seoul.  I can’t complain too loudly, though.  The first year in Seoul has been crazy and chaotic, life changing and mind-blowing at the same time.
Blog Notes:  This entry will be short because I spent some time tonight expermenting with MSN Spaces’ Power Toys.  You may have noticed that I added Windows Media Player to World Adventurers.  This is a feature common to other blogs.  I added a piece of traditional Korean music available at this web site.  I also added an MSN Alerts feature using the Custom HTML Toy.  The Space Craft, MSN Spaces’ team blog, provided detailed instructions on adding Power Toys to MSN Spaces (see the Quick Links section).  They are really cool toys, but they require some effort to install and basic knowledge of Web development to quickly and painlessly add them to an MSN Spaces blog.  Give them a try!