A pick me up

Dear Reader, have you ever left your automobile in an inconvenient place and had to devise a clever plan in order to retrieve it?  That happened to me tonight.  My wife and I went to a dinner this evening.  After we got home, my wife put my son to bed, and I drove the nanny home.  As I drove home, I realized that we forgot to pick up my wife’s car on the way home.  She couldn’t go with me to pick it up tonight because she had to care for our son.  I couldn’t drive over and pick up the car by myself, because then I would have to get two cars home.  So I decided to walk over to pick up the car.  The weather was freezing, snow was falling, and the roads were slick.  I walked briskly about a mile on foot to pick up the car, and then I drove it home.  Our forgetfulness actually ended up being a pick me up, because it encouraged me to exercise.  I started exercising again last night on our treadmill, and it felt great.  Tonight I varied my routine by walking outside in the cold.  It felt great!  Tomorrow I’ll go back to using the treadmill…I hope.