As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog entry, my family and I went to Seoulland, an amusement park inside Seoul Grand Park.  Earlier this month, we visited the zoo at Seoul Grand Park.  With a footprint the size of Disneyland, Seoulland isn’t quite as majestic or thematic as Disney’s theme parks.  Seoulland serves as more of an affordable, functional family fun park.  Admission was fairly cheap (about $9 per adult with a discount coupon).   We even received free gifts, pairs of hunter orange and black Thinsulate gloves embossed with the Seoulland logo.  The park offers a wide variety of fun attractions, including rides, carnival booths, restaurants, and gift shops.   
We went with two other couples and kids in tow.  The day was cool and smoggy but not unbearable.  When we arrived, we were greeted by a pungent smell that turned out to be the wafting smell of fried silkworms.  Yes, silkworms.  I took a photo of the concoction (see below), but I couldn’t capture the acrid smell with my digital camera.  We opted to snack on corn dogs and chicken sticks instead of trying silkworm.  I’m sure they must be delicious!
For the Shutterbugs:  I posted more photos of our trip to Seoulland for your viewing pleasure.  Enjoy!