The World Adventurers Game

Wonderful!  World Adventurers has finally been featured in the "Best of MSN Spaces."  Hooray!  Thanks, MSN.  I did some unabashed lobbying to win a feature spot, and it worked.  I can’t beat "Perfection," but that’s fine by me.  Thanks for stopping by, Dear Reader.  I truly appreciate your visit, and I hope you’ll still keep coming by long after this blog heads to the "Best of" archives.  As always, I try to entertain by telling stories about our life here in Korea and discussing a variety of topics I think you might find interesting.  This blog passed over 10,000 hits since I started it last December and had its first 1,000 hit day today.  Again, thanks for your patronage.  I too surf to the Best of MSN Spaces each week to see what interesting blogs are mentioned.  Some are a bit strange, some touching, some informative, some fascinating, all entertaining.  I hope that this one will be memorable to you too.
Tonight I was going to write about Google’s new Blog Search beta and a few financial topics, including Delta Airlines’ and Northwest Airlines’ descent into bankruptcy and the fact that some analysts agreed with me that stock is substantially overpriced.  I’ll save those topics for another day.  Since so many people are stopping by to visit World Adventurers, I thought I would have a little fun tonight.  It’s a game of sorts.  Think of this as a virtual scavenger hunt.  It’s a way to get you to have a look at some of the World Adventurers archives and challenge your wits a bit.
Find our Family Photos
Until now I have never published photos of my family on this blog.  It was originally a matter of privacy, but as time went on it became more of a ritual than anything.  Our family stayed anonymous so they could stay out of the limelight.  Tonight I posted two photos of my family in the World Adventurers archive.  One is a photo of me posing with a famous American statesman, and the other is a photo of my wife and son with a prominent American leader.  I’m sure you’ll know who they are when you see them, or at least their faces will be familiar to you.  The stories about these photos are posted somewhere in the World Adventurers archives.  Find the blog entries that talks about these photos, and you’ll see the photos of me and my family.
Find our Hidden Family Web Site
I also publish a family Web site with many family photos and more information about our family, including our names and what I do for a living.  The URL (Web address) is related to the name of this blog.  There’s also a link to the site posted on this blog.  I’ll give you a hint–it’s not buried in any blog entry.  I posted it as a link on this site, although I’ve never announced it.  If you find it, you’ll learn more about our family and why we’re here in Korea.
Good luck!  I hope you enjoy the game.  Think of it as a challenge, a puzzle to be solved.  Please don’t share the answers with others so others can play the game too.