The accidental teacher

WorldAdventurers readers, I need your help.  I need your ideas.  I was nominated a few weeks ago by my Korean coworkers to teach them English every Wednesday afternoon.  It’s an honor I couldn’t turn down.  I’m not an EFL instructor, but I have a good grasp of English grammar and communicate well in my native tongue.  Teaching English was not something I’d planned to do when I arrived in Seoul, but I have to rise to the challenge and deliver.  I really want to do a good job teaching English to 20 Koreans with varying degrees of English (they have enrolled in two classes with 10 students each).  I want to hold their attention and entice them to come back each week to improve their English (the class is voluntary).  I definitely don’t want to dumb them down with mundane grammar drills, rote memorization, or boring sessions.  I’m planning to teach using the GLOW courses developed by Tillyer Associates.  I also plan to supplement the course with short readings pertaining to Korea and America.  Students are supposed to read the coursebook and readings before class and come to class prepared to discuss them.  I’ve been assigned a traditional-style classroom, but I may move my classes to another room with round tables.  I hope that Koreans will be adaptable to an interactive, American style of learning.  If not, I’ll have to adapt the course accordingly.

So, dear blog reader, I need your help.  I need ideas that will help make these classes a fun learning experience.  If you have any ideas for class activities or readings that would fun to use, please post it on my blog.  Thanks, I appreciate it!